White Paper

Techcopywrite.net writes white papers that speak to the technical influencer in an organization.  So what is the secret behind getting this technical influencer to give your product or service their approval to upper management and to proceed with the purchase? It starts with a strong  white paper that gets to the point quickly and answers the question this person has.  We write white papers that speak directly to this technical decision maker.


What are some of the points that need to be in a technical white paper that speaks to this technical influencer?  Depending on the product or service here are a few things that can be in the white paper:


  • Technical specifications of the product?
  • Why this product is the solution they need versus another?
  • If this is an upgrade why they need to upgrade now?
  • Will this cause more problems?
  • Is this easy to implement?
  • How reliable is support?
  • Will this streamline their work?
  • How will this solve their technical issues?

There are different types of white papers that speak to different people in an organization.  Upper management will have a different white paper then the technical influencer.  They are looking at different elements of your product or service to see if it is right for their organization.  Upper management will not move forward with a purchase of your product without the approval and buy in from that key technical decision maker.  That makes the technical decision maker a deal maker or breaker.  Having a white paper that speaks to this person is critical.


We have over 40 years of combined experience.  We have been working with networking and security products and services with hands on in the field experience.  We know what types of white papers work and what types do not.  We have based our own recommendations on them to upper management decisions makers in an organization.  We know the key points that need to be in the white paper to keep us reading and to request a demo and ultimate make a positive recommendation.  It is this expertise that we will bring to your white papers to get this technical decision maker to request your product or service.

Call us at 714-580-4739 or email us at Melinda@technicalwhitepaper.net and discuss how we can create this white papers for your organization

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Website Copywriting


Your website could be hurting your sales.  There are key elements your website needs to have to help convert visitors into customers. If you have not reviewed your website in the last 6 months keep reading.  There are some simple steps you can take to get your website generating leads, conversions and sales for you.




Here are a few key elements that if your website does not have you are loosing sales:


  • A strong sales page(s)
  • Technical page that gives benefits then features
  • Support page
  • Overview page
  • Non technical page that describes benefits
  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Whitepaper, case studies, reports and other important information
  • Media page


Why are these pages so critical?  You will have different visitors to your site and having pages that clearly identify these pages and the information they contain will help guide your visitor around your site.  Your site is a view into your product, service, company, support and sales process.  Let us look at an example:


Sales page(s) – For each product or service you will want to have at least 1 page dedicated to it.  You may want more then 1 page depending on how many different target audiences your are trying to reach.  If you are trying to reach say a technical decision maker and a CEO for the same product you should have different web pages that address these key people independently.  These pages should give benefits that these people are looking for.  The CEO would be looking at saving man power and costs while the technical person may be looking for this they will have other concerns such as time to implement, quality of support, will this integrate with their current system and more.  You will want to address some of these issues and then guide them to a white paper, case study or call sales for a demonstration or purchase.


Call or email us at (714) 580-4739 or Melinda(at)techcopywriter.net for your free website evaluation.  We will give you a FREE report that analyzes your website and where and how you can improve conversions.  If you are trying to get people to download more whitepapers or get people to call sales we have worked on over 1500 websites and we know we can help you improve your website.



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